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Gel thrush pessary

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Emma295 · 24/05/2021 17:40


General question about the gel thrush pessary...

I used the chalky one a while back and could tell it worked but the chalky stuff that lasted 4-5 days I'd guess..
But the gel one seems different and don't know if its normal. I had the chalky stuff for day one, now day two its coming out white chalky on the liner but if I have a look up it's mucus balls of white..
So did internal check with finger and it appeared more mucus like.

Should I assume that as the pessary was a gel it means it would cause this discharge and its normal to see that?

My discharge wasn't bad before I took pessary, honestly, just massively paranoid and felt a but uncomfortable because doctors told me I had thrush a month ago but had no symptoms apart from a bit of extra discharge Confused.

Please can someone shed light on the gel pessary and if this is normal and how long this may last?

Thank you ❤

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Emma295 · 25/05/2021 10:19


Did anyone have slight colour with their gel pessary as well? I've read pink a lot but I had beige colour today and inside it's quite thick with I'd say dark orange bits.. I assume this is still the pessary coating?

I'm getting really worked up about this Blush

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