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Period delay

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pandasarefluffy · 18/05/2021 11:31

Does anyone know how long I can use norethisterone for? I'd like to delay my period for a 3 week holiday. Can I take it a lot earlier than my period due date?

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JonahofArk · 18/05/2021 11:49

I used norethisterone on and off for years due to gynae issues, and to be honest I would just start taking it when it suited me (my periods were really erratic anyway so I didn't have a proper cycle that I could track).

I can't comment on your own circumstances but I would have no issue with taking them for that period of time, and always take them before a holiday so that I can actually enjoy myself without worrying.

Have you ever taken them before? If not, I would suggest a trial run if possible-it can really affect some women's moods whilst others will be absolutely fine on them so it might be worth testing. Oh and also, be wary when coming off them-you are likely to have an especially heavy period!

pandasarefluffy · 18/05/2021 12:00

Thank you so much that is really helpful. I haven't tried them yet. I'm not sure if I have time to try before I need them. I want period to stop end of July/august??? I'm a bit spotty before period so I wasn't sure exactly when to start. Hence want to start earlier.

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JonahofArk · 18/05/2021 13:38

If I was in your shoes I would start taking them in mid-July and carry on right through your holiday, and that could also work as a test to see how you are on them and if they work as you need them to before you go away. Just make sure you have enough tablets to be able to do that-you don't want to run out halfway through your holiday!

emmathedilemma · 18/05/2021 13:51

Mine came in a box of 30 and you take 3 a day so that's 10 days supply. I've never taken them for more than a few days and I'm sure I'd want to as they make me feel really bloated and crampy so almost might as well be on my period as feel like I am and still have it to come!

JonahofArk · 18/05/2021 14:04

It definitely affects different women differently. I've never had any physical side effects when I've been on them, but my mood would be lower (which I've been happy to put up with because the alternative was worse). However, I have a friend who decided to take them for a holiday and had to come off them halfway through because her mood was severely affected and she hated it. So I would always recommend a trial run before a holiday to test how they make you feel.

pandasarefluffy · 18/05/2021 16:15

Thanks so much ladies x

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