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Constant bleeding, mini pill, ovarian cysts

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StillCounting123 · 10/04/2021 08:40

I've had years of mid-cycle bleeding when not on birth control. Can't take combined pill due to history of migraine with aura, and our family is complete.

When breastfeeding I had issues with ovarian cysts rupturing and ended up in A&E several times in extreme pain.

Gynae did lots of scans, internal examinations and a CT scan. I have multiple cysts on left side and right side has one 4cm cyst which is making my ovary twist at times, hence the ending up in A&E.

Finished breastfeeding and went on mini pill for contraception. Been on it 6 weeks and have ended up in A&E once and yesterday and today I've just lay on sofa crying in pain - but can eat ok, not vomiting in pain, so it isn't too debilitating.

Would love to know what on earth is going on? Have read reports that mini pill can help stop new cysts development as it stops ovulation, but then on the side effects list it says it can cause cysts! Confused.

Also, in the 6 weeks I've been on mini pill I've bled everyday. Thoroughly fed up and starting to blame DH a bit, which I know is unfair. He point blank refuses vasectomy, which I have to accept as his bodily autonomy.

Hate idea of copper coil, although I have given birth vaginally 3 times, so have been told it'll be no bother to insert.

Any advice, empathy or virtual cups of tea would be welcome please.

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StillCounting123 · 15/04/2021 15:54

Hopeful bump.

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Namechange600 · 17/04/2021 21:52

Sounds awful OP, I am so sorry. I know this feeling well.

have you considered whether you could have endometriosis?
Endometriomas are endometriosis cysts on the ovaries and can be a sign of endometriosis elsewhere in the pelvis and outside too.
Have you previously had gynae pain?
I take cerazette and find it does give me random bleeding. I have stage 4 endometriosis and adenomyosis so I have to keep my periods on pause as they were horrendous. They were bad from age 14 but once I had kids they became terrible and I was housebound for weeks at a time.
Good luck x

StillCounting123 · 17/04/2021 22:01

Thanks for your reply. I have thought about endo and read about it. It has never been mentioned to me by my gynae, but I'd love to ask him in future whenever I next get an appointment - waiting list for reviews is messed up due to Covid.

I had a C-section in 2019 which is when this properly started and I am wondering in my own mind if it has any link. Not sure though.

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chaosrabbitland · 17/04/2021 22:04

i know you said you hate the idea of the coil , but all i can say is iv had one for years , i honestly wouldnt know its there at all . it doesnt interfer with your cycle at all , there is no side effects nothing , sometimes it can make your period a little heaver , but i havent in all the years i had it have that either . it wont make you bleed inbetween as its just that a copper coated coil . if your symtoms dont settle down , maybe its worth having a word with the doctor about having one fitted , and if you cant get on with it , its so easy to just have it removed again , it only hurt me to have it fitted before i had dd , when i had it refitted after having her i barely felt a thing when it was done , hope you feel better soon xx

StillCounting123 · 18/04/2021 20:54

Thanks chaos I have one pack left of my mini pill from GP. If I don't settle down with this constant bleeding I will ask about getting a copper coil - as much as I currently hate the idea! If it works I will be jumping with joy.

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