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Not feeling listened to

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Froggles1 · 06/04/2021 22:10

Hi everyone,

I was just looking for advice. For the past year or so, ive been getting spells where I feel hungry for breath. When I breathe in its like I can’t catch my breath. Sometimes it makes me yawn. I am starting to worry 😢I’ve recently started feeling a tightness in my neck, chest & back when I breathe in.

I had full blood tests a couple of months ago which tested iron, thyroid etc. I was still not feeling right even though they came back as normal so I rang back & over the phone a separate GP decided it was ‘mood’ related & said to up my exercise (I exercise most days anyway)

I rang today as Googling frightened the life out of me & couldnt get through. I just feel very let down & worried. I am an anxious person but I manage it well & know the difference when something is physically wrong Sad any advice welcome xx

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