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User33445 · 06/04/2021 19:49

Looking to see if anyone has experienced similar before I ring my GP. I’ve always suffered with PMS, but since I gave birth two years ago my periods seem to be getting worse and the build up feels so much more than regular PMS. I’m fairly sure I have PMDD, as soon as I ovulate that’s it I feel horrendous I’m exhausted , depressed , argumentative, teary. If I didn’t have a child I would probably lay in bed all day as that’s how tired I am. I hold it together for my child and put on a brave face but the tantrums are hard to deal with when when I feel this fragile. I also get hot and cold flashes especially at night and also insomnia. I can’t carry on like this every single month but not sure what the docter would even do as I’m already on setraline 50mg which looking on google seems to be the treatment. I did have post natal depression but it’s hard to know if it’s completely gone when I get these hormonal symptoms every month. Would be great to hear from anyone.

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