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Has anybody had a baby after Lettz

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lizasmammy · 27/03/2021 14:03

Hi 4 years ago I had lettz treatment for CIN2, I have had clear smears since and I am hpv negative, I really want to try for another baby before I am too old but I am worried that unprotected sex with my partner will reinfect me with hpv and I am petrified of going through it all again, any advice from anyone who has gone through similar and has gone on to have a baby after treatment and had normal smears afterwards is greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

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fedup078 · 28/03/2021 09:07

I had lettz 12 yr ago
Had a baby last year without any problems
But I hate to be the bearer of bad news, hpv can stay in your system for decades even when you're testing negative. My last 2 smears were neg and then last year it was positive. Haven't slept with anyone new in nearly 8 years so I'm a prime example of how it can flare up again
So don't worry about catching it again and plan for a baby if that's what you want

lizasmammy · 28/03/2021 09:41

Hi thank you for replying, did it flare up when you was pregnant? Thank you for the advice xx

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fedup078 · 28/03/2021 09:43

I have a feeling pregnancy lowers your immune system as I know a few people who had flare ups after giving birth

lizasmammy · 28/03/2021 09:58

Thank you, do the flare ups tend to also cause cell changes for you or just the hpv flare up πŸ™‚ I literally haven't had sex with my husband for over 14 months because of my anxiety around hpv πŸ™ˆ

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fedup078 · 28/03/2021 10:02

I'm yet to find out . I hope not
Ah you maybe need to speak to a healthcare person or do some research. You really shouldn't be avoiding sex or have it control your life
It's such a common virus . You could never have sex again and still end up with flare ups

lizasmammy · 28/03/2021 11:30

It's just that the first time around it caused me so much stress and anxiety, I really don't want to put myself through that again πŸ™ˆ but I really want one more child before I'm too old.

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fedup078 · 28/03/2021 11:35

Ask yourself how you feel if you refrained from sex for years. Didn't have the baby you want and then had another flare up anyway . I think it's pretty rare to have cells removed more than once , I know it does happen but it's not worth putting your life on hold
I know it's a horrible procedure so I know where you're coming from but don't let it stop you living your life

canigooutyet · 28/03/2021 11:51

The thing with HPV is that it can remain dormant in your body for decades.
To try and stay safe avoid sex when either of you have an outbreak. Avoid kissing and basically any physical contact.

In the meantime you can enjoy sex because honestly anything can trigger it to come back. Depending on how your immune system reacts you can have a cold that triggers something for the HPV to come back.

But please do talk to your GP about your concerns.

fedup078 · 28/03/2021 11:57

'The thing with HPV is that it can remain dormant in your body for decades.
To try and stay safe avoid sex when either of you have an outbreak. Avoid kissing and basically any physical contact.'

I think this advice is more for the strains of hpv which cause genital warts, the strains which cause cervical cancer are not the same strains as the genital wart ones .

You can never know if you or your partner have hpv unless you have a smear . There is no test for men.

ItsSnowJokes · 28/03/2021 12:03

I have had 3 LLETZ treatments over the past 20 years. I had a baby 4 years ago no problem. The 2 smears since have been clear.

Only thing to watch for is an incompetent cervix or scar tissue from the LLETZ on the tissue making it harder to dilate. I was so worried about incompetent cervix I hadn't even thought it would be the opposite and my cervix was almost welded shut in a small area and I had a massive cervical tear from labour.

You are crazy not to be having sex, if you are concerned use a condom! If you want a baby you will need to try and get over the anxiety, maybe through counselling?

lizasmammy · 28/03/2021 15:51

Thank you for all of the replies I have an appointment for Tuesday to talk things through with the nurse, maybe that will put my mind at rest, just to add I also used to smoke which I've given up & I run 45 mins every day so I think this helps my immune system loads @ItsSnowJokes that's really reassuring to hear thank you 😁 x

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