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Missed period for the first time , negative pregnancy test

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mummytogirl · 15/03/2021 13:59

Hi, this can be completely normal,

But my period was due Friday and hasn't shown up, I've been feeling a lot of burning sensation on my left side ovary, and the odd period cramps thinking it's coming and never shows up. Thinking back to my ovulation. Seem to be round the time it should of came. But weirdly I felt like I ovulated again just over a week later. I think it was odd but , not really thought much about it. But now my period has just not arrived. I have done many pregnancy test and all coming back negative.

I could be totally fine but I have never missed a period in my life other then when I have been previously pregnant. Any thoughts?? If it just doesn't come when would you feel speak to a doctor? I'm due to have a coil fitting in a few weeks but now I'm wondering weather to give it a miss just in case,TIA X

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BunnyRuddington · 15/03/2021 22:06

How old are you OP? Could it be the start of the Peri?

mummytogirl · 15/03/2021 22:57

I'm 33 , so I'm hoping I'm still a little young for that. Although I know it happens. I think I will wait abit longer, hoping it will make her appearance. And get worried if not 😫 xx

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BubbasMumma · 27/03/2021 00:41

Hope you are okay and got your period x

mummytogirl · 27/03/2021 10:02


Aww thank you for your message, very sweet.. yes it finally came nearly a week late , 🙌🏼 I had never been late or missed a period before, unless I've been pregnant so it was a worry for me. But maybe if it happens again I won't be stressed about it!! Ha Starxxx

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