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Anyone had a mirena coil well past the 5 year mark?

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ProcrastinationIsMySuperPower · 11/03/2021 14:21

Just that really. I've searched for any other threads about this (and there are many about Mirena, so sorry for creating another!) But none address this specific question.

Mines been in 7.5 years. I'm struggling to get it changed currently due to Covid. But it's still doing what I need it to (stopping ridiculous heavy periods) and isn't needed for contraception, so I guess I don't need to worry? How long can I just leave it?

My periods did come back, regular as clockwork but really light, about 18 months ago. Now, they've stopped... Last proper one was October, although I have had two instances of spotting/blood stained discharge (sorry, tmi!) in the last month.

OP posts:
CMOTDibbler · 11/03/2021 14:25

I had my current one put in at 45, and they said that it could stay in for 10 years as it would be at normal lifetime when I was 50

GinnieHempstock · 11/03/2021 14:27

I had mine for 11 years. Blush
Similar to you, I didn't need it for contraception and I never got around to getting it changed.
I did try a few years ago, but had moved area and GP surgery and the nurse at the new surgery only removed coils and didn't do replacements. It became too much of a palaver to get it changed and I gave up.
Then, last year (pre covid) I thought I should do something about it and just got it removed.
Never caused any problems in the 11 years and never had periods.

Lucienandjean · 11/03/2021 14:32

I had one put in at 46. At the time I was told that would probably see me through the menopause. However, after 9 years my GP insisted I had it removed as "it couldn't possibly still be working properly". But it was! I wasn't using it for contraception, but for my heavy periods it was still working fine.

My GP wanted me to have it removed and not replaced, but I insisted on replacement, as I was still having periods. Now, a year later, I sometimes wonder if my periods will go on forever, but at least they are light and painless, thanks to the Mirena.

ProcrastinationIsMySuperPower · 11/03/2021 17:50

Thank you so much for the replies, I feel much better about it now. It can stay where it is for the time being, then!

OP posts:
wandawombat · 11/03/2021 17:52

Mi e is now past the 5-year mark, GP is not doing any clinics, do in it is staying!

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