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Spotting after smear

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Doireallyneedaname · 05/03/2021 07:31

I had a smear in November which came back as inadequate. GP said it looks like it was lost in transit/damaged, but the nurse said it was probably too much discharge/not enough cells.

Had my repeat yesterday and it was more uncomfortable than usual, and a few hours later I noticed some very light spotting. It’s intermittent but I have just noticed some again this morning.

We are talking minuscule amounts, blink and you’d miss it kinda thing. I was really looking for it after I saw some yesterday!

I’ve read it’s normal but I can’t help but worry.

My rational brain is saying the nurse was a bit more rough to ensure an adequate sample (hence more discomfort and now bleeding) - but I can’t help but feel it must be something sinister as I’ve never bled from a smear before.

Anyone had a similar situation and turn out to be normal?

OP posts:
AnxiousMum2015 · 05/03/2021 20:43

I have,
I had my first smear in 2019 and this happened to me. I had slight spotting and I got some mild cramps too. I think we are all different and made differently. Some people may have no pain, spotting at all while others can find it extremely painful.

I also had the same spotting after an internal ultrasound scan (unrelated to smear ).

I did speak to my gp after my smear and she told me it was completely normal and my smear results came back all fine.

I hope this helps xx

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