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Living with PCOS

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mummytoaprincess04 · 26/02/2021 15:52

My little girl was born last year in may, since august we have Been trying again and haven't managed to convince yet, I haven't had a period since August and I've also been experiencing other symptoms, including severe bloating and tummy pain, and obviously difficulty getting pregnant, so I got in touch with my gp and I had blood tests and ultrasounds. The ultrasounds confirmed I have polycystic ovaries. Which i guess would explain all of my symptoms. I am getting referred to the gynaecologist now, but I'm just wondering what happens now? And what is it like to live with PCOS ? The thought of struggling to get pregnant really scares me, I'm only 21 and have always dreamed of having a big family, I'm just so thankful for my healthy happy little girl!

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AdditionalCharacter · 26/02/2021 16:04

Some people with PCOS don't have problems conceiving, so try not to worry about that just yet. You did manage to conceive your first without help, so hopefully it'll be the same again. Are you BF, as that can stop periods.

I have PCOS and had very few periods, sometimes went 18 months between. I did struggle conceiving and had rounds of a fertility drug called clomid. Thankfully I have 2 DC as a result.

I also have a lot of the other signs of PCOS, excess body hair, weight gain, spots, mood swings, the list goes on.

In terms of treatment, there aren't many. Weight loss can be treated with metformin, but only if you're insulin resistant. Excess hair, laser treatment, mood swings, pill or anti depressants.

It affects everyone differently.

This website might be helpful

mummytoaprincess04 · 26/02/2021 16:10

Thank you! :)

Yeah I just wasnt sure If I have developed it after giving birth the first time, I guess we've only been trying for around 7/8 months now so it's not too long!

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Namechange600 · 26/02/2021 16:13

Hi, just wanted to say that if you have pain bloating etc too consider whether you have symptoms of endometriosis. My infertility was put down to pcos but in addition I had stage 4 endometriosis. I only found this out much later. Best of luck xx

Namechange600 · 26/02/2021 16:14

Ps I managed to have three kids despite my endo so it worked out in the end, had infertility and miscarriages along the way x

mummytoaprincess04 · 26/02/2021 18:00

Is a polyp in the womb also PCOS ?

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mummytoaprincess04 · 26/02/2021 18:06

I'm just confused as the lady that did my ultrasound told me I have polycystic ovaries, my doctor has just called me and told me I have a polyp in my womb and they are refferijg me to a gynaecologist to have this removed, when I asked her if I have PCOS She said yes?

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AttilaTheMeerkat · 27/02/2021 08:29

I also had a uterine polyp (penundulated fibroid); in my case it was congenital (i.e from birth).

The uterine polyp is unrelated to PCOS in any way. The best treatment is indeed to remove it as this can also interfere with ovulation.

mummytoaprincess04 · 27/02/2021 09:34

Okay thank you, it's just they both told me I had polycystic ovaries.

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