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Irregular periods (still breastfeeding)

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Greencabin · 14/02/2021 17:10

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for any advice or if anyone has experienced something similar?

I am still breastfeeding my 17 month old and I had my 1st period last month. It was, as far as periods go, a normal one, with some mild cramping ( I used to get bad cramps pre - pregnancy) and lasted 5 days.

My period arrived 3 days early this month, I had a barely there bit of cramping with some dark red spotting then 1 day of light bleeding, then the next 3 days, barely there brown spotting. I am abit confused.

Is this normal? My periods pre pregnancy were like clockwork and always the same.
Could it just be my hormones getting back to normal?

Thank you in advance.

OP posts:
JumperooSue · 17/02/2021 20:50

I had my first period last month, my daughter is 13 months and feeds 2/3 times in 24 hours, it seemed to be trigged by my return to work and working long shift so extended periods of times she wouldn’t feed. I had 7 days of the lightest bleeding only when I wiped, then I had about 10 days of no bleeding then another few days of very light spotting. I’ve now started spotting again today, so just over four weeks after the first day of my first period. Everything I’ve read about periods and breastfeeding suggest they can be very irregular whilst you’re still feeding and for the first few cycles. I figured I’d track them for a few weeks and see if they start to form for of a pattern but I expect them to be all over the place for now

tumtitum · 17/02/2021 22:56

I've only recently got my proper periods back and my daughter is two and a half!!! For the six months prior I'd have similar to you described, a bit of spotting really but not a proper period. I'd say it's normal as you are still breast feeding

Greencabin · 21/02/2021 23:14

Thank you @jumperoosue and @tumtitum for your replies. I read that periods could be irregular once they came back and still breastfeeding, my DC feeds about 5 times a day still and at least once through the night so it's not a surprise really! We would like to ttc in a few months time so I will just keep a track of them and hope for the best!

OP posts:
tumtitum · 22/02/2021 09:16

I conceived both my children with irregular periods so just keep a track with an app (I used Flo) and it'll guess when you may be fertile so at least you'll have some idea! Good luck :)

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