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Post myomectomy bleeding

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Lazi · 14/02/2021 16:12

Four months back I had a myomectomy to remove fibroid which was huge-19 cm. I was given prostap injection for two months after op. My first two periods after the surgery was ok. Third one is ongoing now which is very heavy with large finger sized clots. It's been almost two weeks too. I am waiting for a scan and doctor adviced to take prostap again. I am really worried. I wonder why doc want me to take injection again without knowing the real reason of bleeding.I was already suffered too much with everyday bleeding before myomectomy. Anyone had any similar experience? Doc had assured me there was only one fibroid.
What could be the reason for my heavy bleeding. I cannot sit in peace until my scan😥

OP posts:
Milomonster · 15/02/2021 22:05

Sorry you are going through this sorry and that myomectomy didn’t stop the beeding. I am due to have one soon for my fibroids. Please can I ask what the injections are for and what your recovery was like after the op? One of my worries is that bleeding won’t stop after the op.

Lazi · 16/02/2021 08:43

The injections are given to reduce the estrogen levels. I was given many of those before surgery to shrink the fibroid. But unfortunately in my case it didnt help. Dont worry about yours going wrong. I think most of the people will have better outcomes after op.Three people I knew had the surgery in past and they are all absolutely fine.I dont know what is wrong with mine. I just hope it settles soon. My recovery was not that bad. Pain was mild only. I had to take enoxaparin injections for one week to help with the clotting.Dont lift anything heavy for few weeks. There may (or may not) be some bleeding for few days.What size is your fibroid?

OP posts:
Milomonster · 16/02/2021 22:10

Thanks @Lazi. I have a couple embedded in uterus wall. The larger one is only 6cm but it’s doubled in size in a year. I still don’t get they cause so much bleeding.I hope you find out why you are bleeding so heavily again. Please could you update?

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