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Haze246 · 10/02/2021 17:28

Hey everyone, I am so fed up and frustrated with trying to find a good contraception.

With PCOS do women normally bleed all the time ?

I have have suspected PCOS , I have been on the combo pill and the mini. I am now trying the mirena coil I had it fitted 6 weeks ago and I am still bleeding.

I have been bleeding non stop ( not always fresh blood) probably since Feb 2020 .

I been getting on and off pain around my hips and it can be quite painful.

I am definitely not pregnant and nor do I want to be.

I have had bleeding after sex. Any suggestions? Thanks :)

Forgot to mention I am waiting for smear test results , got to wait 2 weeks. Also had STi tests came back negative

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SBParker99 · 11/02/2021 19:08

I was on the depo injections and that completely stopped my period and cramps etc. I used to bleed really heavy for very long periods of time and after my first injection I didn’t bleed again. At one point I bled for 6 months straight which is when I was advised to try it.

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