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Anyone have 'silent' UTIs - or UTIs that don't respond to antibiotics?

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Trinacham · 18/01/2021 20:42

I have previously had UTIs when I was young (teen, early 20s). I think they were caused by sex, as I was new to it and they seemed to come on after intercourse. I would have the typical symptoms - stinging, constant urge to go, etc. For the past 5 or so years I've been UTI-free, as far as I can remember.

Then, in 2019, one day I had visible blood in my urine. This was my only symptom. I went to the doctor and they found protein and Leukocytes, and treated me for an infection. The doctor kept prescribing 3 day courses of antibiotics but it didn't seem to go away, as the symptoms lingered for months (in addition to the blood in urine I had twinges too by this point). In November or December of 2019 I had a night of excruciating pain (lower back) where I was writhing in agony and got zero sleep - seemed to indicate it had spread to my kidneys. In the morning I was prescribed a stronger course of antibiotics and for over a year I was UTI-free again.

Here we are over a year later, January 2021. The twinges have returned (no visible blood this time). Blood and Leukocytes found in my sample. Prescribed another 3 days course, which I finished a week ago. Sent in another sample today, as requested from doc. As I'd expected from my past experience (and because I'm still feeling twinges), it hasn't gone. The doctors mentioned this time and last time that a 3 day course should be enough, but the doctor (almost reluctantly) has prescribed me a 7 day course this time, which I will begin tomorrow. They mention that I might need to see a urologist if it doesn't go away, which worries me, as if they think it is something else, more serious. I was wondering if anyone else has UTIs like mine? I seem to have very minor symptoms yet very stubborn infections!

I guess I'm hoping for reassurance that it probably is just a UTI, and that someone has been through similar (as the doctors seem a bit baffled!) I guess the fact that it went away last time after I was giving stronger antibiotics and a longer course, sort of suggest that it is just this.

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Wireless77 · 19/01/2021 16:42

You may have something called embedded UTI. It may have gone to your bladder wall and causes symptoms, but dip tests and cultures are negative. I'm a fellow sufferer (since August 2020). Was finally able to see Professor Malone Lee's team in London (privately) and they diagnosed this looking at my fresh urine under the microscope. I'm on long term antibiotics now (might take up to a year or so). Look him up online and also refer here:
I had a CT scan and MRI done before I saw them to exclude kidney stones and any structural abnormalities. Good luck!! This is horrible, but there is hope!

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