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missthing3 · 13/01/2021 04:09

So basically I have health anxiety... I had a child at 16 well gave birth at just 17! I’m now 31 and have 3 beautiful boys.
My health anxiety started when I was pregnant at 16. The hormones hit me like a truck and I was convinced I was dying. Then when I was overdue my mum at 48 had a heart attack.
So the 1st boy I conceived when I was 16 with my ex was an accident but bh no means a mistake. He’s got adhd and autism but we get by. Then I fortunately met my partner who I’m married to now when my son was 1! We’ve now been together 13 years and have 2 boys together. :) we had our first son 11 years ago And after that has 2 terminations (which I was always against of) both surgical. Then we have our other son 8 years ago. So now we share 3 blossoming beautiful boys. After my 3rd child, being our second together I found my self pregnant again. However my grandad was dying of terminal cancer and my mum had another heart attack so decided to terminate yet again. Didn’t feel a choice with what was going on with my mum and grandad. So I had th surgical and suffered a severe blood loss, and had the mirena put in. This was September 2014. Now it’s 2021 and I haven’t had my morena removed, not have I had my smear. Like never!! And now my anxiety has got me feeling all types of emotions about having my smear in case they find something.
I’m so scared and feel so alone and no one understands.

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waterlily1922 · 13/01/2021 07:44

Hi op . What you wrote has so much similarity to what my life has been like . I had an abortion at 16 had my daughter at 18 had 3 more terminations after her . In the last ten years . Been with my partner 10 years . He wants a baby but I had really bad pnd and as soon as I get pregnant I freak out 😢 I defo need to see someone about my issue . I didn't go for a near until my 20s and they found abnormal cells . I was too scared to go back because I had health anxiety . I didn't go back for years and the nurse was contacting me all the time saying he important it was . I finally went and had some cells removed . Come back Jon cancerous . Happy days ! What I have learnt is there is absolutely no point in worrying . Have you had any abnormal bleeding ? All you got to do is phone the doctors today ask to make an appointment with the nurse and just say about your coil . She can remove it there if it needs to he removed and also do the smear.'you won't even feel it ❤️ you can do this op xxx

missthing3 · 13/01/2021 08:00

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Because I’m like 31 now I get worried like if something comes back I will have left it to late! Sounds stupid I know. But with my anxiety what I don’t know don’t hurt me 🙈
I haven’t had any abnormal bleeding no! I did about 8 years ago but I had a child after that and they thought it was my contraception. I haven’t had a proper period for years because of the cool so I’m trying to reassure myself I should be fine.
I went a&e other week cause I found a lump in my armpit but all turned out okay. Thankfully. But was a major scare. X

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Aahotep · 13/01/2021 08:04

Please get help for your health anxiety.

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