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Washable pads/towels?

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Lovemusic33 · 08/01/2021 20:30

Can anyone recommend some washable sanitary towels suitable for heavy flow?

Having gynae issues and awaiting to be seen but am bleeding almost all the time, realised how many pads I’m getting through and how much plastic they are wrapped in and was wondering if using washable pads would not only be better for the environment but better for my pocket. Also wearing pads all the time is making me sore.

Any recommendations?

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Pinkandpurplehairedlady · 08/01/2021 20:35

I use cheeky wipes pads and they are great. Really absorbent and don’t take long to dry.

BlowDryRat · 08/01/2021 21:01

I use these ones: Baba Boo Mama. They're comfy, they work and they're easy to wash and dry so I recommend them.

Rustygoat · 09/01/2021 08:19

I also use the cheeky wipes pads. Cheeky mama or something. I also use eco femme but those would be no good for a heavy flow but the cheeky wipes ones are very absorbent and dry quickly as pinkandpurple said.

Batinahat · 09/01/2021 08:25

Another recommendation form cheeky wipes here - the pants are brilliant and the pads good too. Highly recommend. Reasonable price so good for if you are unsure. I also found their customer service excellent when I had questions

EssexLioness · 09/01/2021 08:34

I also use cheeky wipes, would recommend

sproutsnbacon · 09/01/2021 08:40

I like wemoon. I’ve used them for years.

drspouse · 09/01/2021 08:47

I like The Pad Lady on Etsy, I like to help independent sellers.

Lovemusic33 · 09/01/2021 09:38

Thank you, totally forgot about Etsy, I will have a look on there as well as looking at the other suggestions.

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