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Hysteroscopy appointment and mirena.

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sunshineandhappy · 05/01/2021 18:05

Hi all. I have an appointment for the above procedure, dr wants to fit a mirena at the same time. Made me sign a consent form for both, but no real discussion as to benefits of mirena. I'm peri menopausal with heavy bleeding. Any experiences? Should I say yes, wait, no, what about hrt instead or as well?

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turkeymince · 10/01/2021 20:00

I recommend Mirena it is amazing. Cured my debilitating heavy periods. There was a settling in few weeks where it caused some uncomfortable side effects but well worth it for me, almost nonexistent periods now.

sunshineandhappy · 10/01/2021 22:09

Thanks, I'm not sure but have used the mini pill in the past because it has suited me so hopeful it will settle for me. I think I probably will but would like a prescription for oestrogen too. I'm just a bit worried about the actual procedure

OP posts:
SusannaSpider · 10/01/2021 22:20

I'm not sure I like the sound of "Made me sign a consent form for both". Nobody should be making you sign consent forms.

That aside, I was in a similar situation, gynae was heavily pushing a Mirena...might as well pop one in there whilst you are unconscious🤷 I gave it a lot of thought, I would have loved the worry free contraception and hormones might have staved off menopausal issues, but I've never done well with artificial hormones. I asked everyone I knew and experiences were really mixed. The one thing that really put me off was the difficulty in getting it removed if you had problems. They like you to persevere and now there's the shortage of appointments due to Corona to consider. One friend removed her own after having dreadful side effects, the consultant told her she had to stick it out for 6mths due to the cost to the NHS. There was no way I'd even contemplate one after that.

emmathedilemma · 11/01/2021 13:12

Sadly Dr's seem to promote the mirena as amazing and for some people like @turkeymince it is but search through this board and you'll find that unfortunately for many people it isn't. It's worth a try but be realistic about your expectations.

MaryJayneSarah · 11/01/2021 13:18

Mirena is HRT

sunshineandhappy · 11/01/2021 13:45

Mirena is progesterone but not oestrogen I don't think so not hrt on it's

OP posts:
Topseyt · 11/01/2021 13:45

I’ve had a Mirena since December 2019 and have just booked a telephone consultation with my GP this afternoon with a view to insisting it is removed.

It is a bit of a marmite thing really and suits some women but not others.

I am 54 now and peri menopausal too. I had a hysteroscopy and biopsy to investigate heavy flooding periods and I very reluctantly agreed to try the mirena, which was inserted whilst I was under general anaesthetic.

It has never settled for me. I had daily bleeding for the first six months. Then I did get about 8 weeks clear over the summer which gave me hope. However, since then periods have returned and got progressively heavier again. Last Thursday night I had such prolonged and heavy flooding that at one point I was seriously wondering whether to call 111. It did stop just about then so I didn’t (obviously don’t really want to during the pandemic but I was worried).

So the long and the short of it is that it hasn’t solved my issue. My experience isn’t everyone’s though. Go with your instincts and don’t be forced. If you don’t want it then ask to sign new forms saying that you don’t consent to having a mirena coil.

The mirena is touted by the NHS as the miracle panacea for women with these problems. I wish they would give a more balanced set of options. Like everything else though, I guess it is down to lack of money and chronic underfunding.

Violinist64 · 11/01/2021 21:22

I was given a Mirena coil during a hysteroscopy seven years ago. I carried on bleeding so heavily that my body expelled it. After that l said l wanted no more hormones and four months later had an endometrial ablation. It was the best thing ever as it completely stopped my periods and l have never had one since.

Topseyt · 12/01/2021 00:08

Removal of mine is now booked for 21st at my GP surgery due to the heavy bleeding.

I'll be considering my next steps, such as ablation or hysterectomy because I need an end to the horrendously heavy periods I have been having and mirena has not helped.

To be honest, I'm now wary of anything that isn't 100% guaranteed to put a stop to them, so I have a feeling that might just leave hysterectomy.

It will take time to get back on the list to see a gynaecologist again at the moment because of the Covid 19 crisis anyway, but at least the bloody mirena will soon be history for me.

EmmaGrundyForPM · 12/01/2021 00:16

My GP persuaded me to have one as I had horrendous periods. It made no difference. I actually had it taken out during my first hysteroscopy.

DramaAlpaca · 12/01/2021 00:17

Just to put a positive spin on this, I had a hysteroscopy and a Mirena put in when I was perimenopausal and really suffering with heavy periods. It was life changing for me in a very positive way. I was 46 at the time, within 6 months my periods had stopped completely and I never had another. Bliss. I had the Mirena taken out two years ago aged 54 and it was clear I'd come out the other side of the menopause. For me it was great and I highly recommend it. I had no unpleasant side effects at all.

PrincessLuna · 12/01/2021 00:24

Another positive experience with Mirena. Has been great for me. I use it alongside oestrogen gel as HRT and would definitely recommend.

Marcipex · 12/01/2021 00:32

I love Mirena, I m on my third. Life changing.

MissSmiley · 12/01/2021 10:19


I was given a Mirena coil during a hysteroscopy seven years ago. I carried on bleeding so heavily that my body expelled it. After that l said l wanted no more hormones and four months later had an endometrial ablation. It was the best thing ever as it completely stopped my periods and l have never had one since.

@sunshineandhappy I had a similar experience except the merina made me feel very nauseous

The mini pill killed my labido unfortunately
sunshineandhappy · 12/01/2021 12:36

Thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences. I just want as much info as I can before I make my decision. I've been trying to get hrt for over a year, gp not interested and very difficult to have a discussion when all consults are via email with a 24 hour gap between replies. To make things more confusing my last 2 periods have been lighter and shorter for me so I'm just confused as to whether this is part of the peri menopausal process and they are going to get easier to manage soon naturally. It's so hard to have a discussion with medical personnel, I am not the sort of person who likes to make a decision without all the facts but I'm struggling to have a proper informative discussion with anyone medical.

OP posts:
Youmeanyouvelostyourkey · 12/01/2021 12:44

I had this done 3 months ago. So far, I'm not too impressed.

I have been bleeding every day since....which is annoying as I hadn't had a period in at least 3 years.

However, I have endometrial hyperplasia and apparently the coil is the fix for this whilst I wait for my hysterectomy. This is the only reason that I am sticking with it.

Normalmumandwife · 12/01/2021 12:48

I have a Mirena for contraception and love it. Wishing 6 months periods had totally stopped. Can't tell it's there and brilliant. Would recommend totally.

SquirtleSquad · 12/01/2021 13:20

I'm meant to be having one in March during a laparoscopy and feeling very mixed too

rhowton · 12/01/2021 15:20

Mirenas are amazing!! I had terrible PCOS symptoms and my hormones were all over the place. Within two months, hormones were back to normal. X

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