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Advice please:(

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MrsGxx · 21/12/2020 21:07

So for around 2 weeks now, I’ve had niggle pain in the area in black in the pictures
It comes and goes and can also be in both sides but mainly left sided.
I’ve had it travel up my back, at the top, middle, and lower back like a ache/burning sensation.
I’ve had it side of my thigh also. Spoke to the GP who did a urine sample and gave me antibiotics which did nothing.
I then had a follow up which they repeated my urine sample and also did swabs for Bacterial vaginosis etc which I won’t get results until Monday/Tuesday. Not that I’m convinced they can cause the pain where I’m having it.
Sorry for the rant but my anxiety is through the roof😒
Also, right side very top/joint of leg is feeling painful/crampy (hard pain to explain) and also lower back. ( i am on the pill ) x

Advice please:(
Advice please:(
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