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What are your statin experiences?

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RandomMess · 20/12/2020 19:46

How quickly did you suffer side affects, what were they, how did you try others etc?

I think I am am feeling "heavy" I keep walking more slowly than before and wondered if anyone can identify or I could just be being paranoid 😂


OP posts:
Purplewithred · 20/12/2020 19:49

DH has had stiffer joints and muscle aches since starting on them. XDH was prescribed but also suffered and gave up on them.

DSIS has been taking them with no side effects at all.

Bargebill19 · 20/12/2020 19:54

M-I-L : her skin broke down on both her legs and leaked clear fluid almost continuously. Like open sores. She went from being able to walk to not within a week. Drs insisted it was an infection. Antibiotics did nothing. No other medications prescribed. Out of desperation we agreed to stop the statins - I swear it only took two days for her pain to stop and her legs to heal up. An extreme reaction.

RandomMess · 20/12/2020 19:54


OP posts:
mrsbyers · 20/12/2020 20:21

I’ve been taking them for a few months after a small stroke - no side effects I’ve noticed anyway

RandomMess · 20/12/2020 20:26

@mrsbyers I'm a few months behind you and I feel physically tired but not sleepy. The dog has had the slowest walk ever!

OP posts:
Trailing1 · 20/12/2020 20:44

My mother was taking Simvastatin and used to get painful leg cramps and aches. The doctor finally switched her to Atorvastatin, the leg aches and cramps eased off.

mrsbyers · 20/12/2020 21:55

[quote RandomMess]@mrsbyers I'm a few months behind you and I feel physically tired but not sleepy. The dog has had the slowest walk ever![/quote]
I’m similar but putting that down to the stroke - maybe it’s not but hard to know

AddictedToCrisps · 21/12/2020 16:01

I’ve been taking statins for two years due to a family history of heart attacks. I’ve had zero side effects! My mom took her statins for more than a year with no problems until she started to have abnormal levels of liver enzymes and so had to change to a different statin. Now she’s fine. Apparently majority of side effects to statins are because we expect to get them! See how it goes but it may just be a coincidence that you feel the way you do after starting statins. See your dr if it carries on.

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