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Canesten pessary coming out?

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ChloeR12 · 18/12/2020 12:49

I had a yeast infection. Got the canesten combo. (Pessary and cream) inserted the pessary 2 nights ago. I'm having it all leak out. Just chalky discharge. The itching etc is slightly going - but yesterday morning up until now I've had loads of chalky discharge coming out? Is this normal? And how long will this last? It's doing my head in!😫

OP posts:
ramblingsonthego · 18/12/2020 12:52

Totally normal. Normally lasts a couple of days.

AddictedToCrisps · 20/12/2020 18:19

Yes this is completely normal. I found the chalky discharge from the pessary actually helped to soothe the external itch too. As long as you followed the directions when inserting it, you should start to feel relief very soon.

StanfordPines · 20/12/2020 18:20

Completely normal. It dissolves and works its way out over a few days.

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