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Mirena coil

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MikeFromSpaced · 06/12/2020 15:45

Hi. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis (sp) after years of being told it was just perimenopause (I’m 47). I’ve been bleeding for 6 weeks of the last 8, am completely wiped out and am considering the Mirena. I had a copper coil in my late 20s which was horrendous so would be grateful for your views and experiences on the Mirena. I have a blood test this week and will no doubt be put on iron tablets again but I need to control the bleeding until I go through menopause. Thank you.

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parrotonmyshoulder · 06/12/2020 15:59

I’m getting towards the end of my second (I’m 45). I have almost no bleeding at all, perhaps one or two days a year with a bit of pink.

MikeFromSpaced · 06/12/2020 16:15

Parrot thank you! A normal period would be great but no bleeding would be amazing.

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wewillmeetagain · 06/12/2020 16:49

I had one about 6 weeks ago, my second. I have bled constantly for those six weeks and it's literally just stopped. I know from experience that my periods will stop and I will only have the odd bleed ( light) every few months. I'm the same as you op just waiting until the menopause stops it completely.

MikeFromSpaced · 06/12/2020 20:26

Wewill thank you. I hope it settles down for you again. The bleeding is the worst, you feel depleted of energy.

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Literallyfedup · 07/12/2020 08:28

I have adenomyosis and had a mirena in Nov 2019 so for one year. My experience so far is good but I still have periods.
I decided to have mirena after a 3 month long bleed, b12 deficiency and horrible cramps.
My experience - my cycle length has gone from 21-24 days to 35 days . I no longer have long bleeds but do sometimes get spotting for 5-7 days after period and 2-3 days before period- it's a nuisance but better than bleeding, a slim panty liner works and sometimes even that is not required as the spotting is usually on toilet paper after wiping.
Cramps have certainly reduced and more manageable.
Bleeding itself is light to medium with a day or two of normal bleeding.
After reading experiences of other women with adenomyosis my experience of having period even after a year is common. Some stop after 14-16 months and some never.
It is a good device but you will have to be patient for the first few months.

MikeFromSpaced · 07/12/2020 10:28

LiterallyFedUp thanks so much. 3 months!! 😱My longest total bleed has been 6 weeks I think and that wiped me out. I feel more reassured now and think I’m going to go for it - if I can get back to a semi normal period that would be great and anything more would be a bonus.

Thanks all for taking the time to respond - I really appreciate it.

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emmathedilemma · 07/12/2020 10:42

I had one fitted for fibroids and associated heavy bleeding. It caused me nothing but grief! Almost constant spotting, cramps like I'd never had before and it did little to alleviate the bleeding. It actually bled itself out after a year, or at least that's what we assume happened to it as it was no longer where it should be!

MikeFromSpaced · 19/12/2020 21:02

Thanks for your replies - a bit of an update: my doctor wrote to my gynae to ask if a mirena would suit my condition(s) as I have fibroids in addition to endo and adenomyosis and the gynae has said it is reasonable to trial the coil but there’s a risk it won’t fully control my symptoms and perhaps I’d like to see his team to talk about hysterectomy. I hadn’t even considered that - I feel quite shocked but it’s such mess down there I wonder if it’s worth considering. My mum had a hysterectomy in her 30s, she died a few years back so I can’t ask why.

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