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Still bleeding or period??

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dillydallydollydaydream7 · 05/12/2020 17:01

After my first ELCS in 2019 my period returned exactly 6 weeks later. I had my second ELCS on 28/10 and my bleeding stopped after about 3 - during this time I needed to wear maternity pads/sanitary towels but it was never massively heavy, it was just like a period. The blood went from bright red to pink and the pink stopped and started - never needed to wear pads, just used to keep some tissue in my knickers incase, but it was really only when I wiped after going to the toilet it would come out on the paper iyswim. Then the following week I had discharge that was browny/pinky tinged. That would be there when I wiped, too, and occasionally i would feel 'wet' down there so when I checked it was always this browny/pinky discharge that I'd felt come out of me. Ive always since kept tissue in my knickers incase. Since yesterday I've noticed that there's red blood there now - it's not always there when I wipe. I woke up this morning after having tissue there and the tissue had some red blood on it ( not loads, not soaking through) so I'm wondering if this is the start of my periods returning and the discharge was ovulation? I'm 5 weeks and 3 days post ELCS. I also had antibiotics for a water infection about 3 weeks ago - horrible back ache, smelly urine and signs of infection when the nurse dipped it. I feel like I do when my period is on its way - I have occasional back ache, have period cramps and feel emotional. I'm also wondering if this is the calm before the storm as so many posts I've read have said how awful their first period was post-birth!

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