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Post Baby vagina

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Cinderella25 · 05/12/2020 11:49

I had a my first (and only) baby 3 years ago and was told ‘you’ll go back’ I read lost online that sex will feel the same. Anyways it does not, in fact I can’t really feel anything at all. I don’t enjoy sex, I can’t feel orgasms. Tbh I don’t think my partner enjoys it even.

I feel totally robbed at 26 of having a sex life. I feel like giving birth gifted me with life long depression. Partner doesn’t care because he has never been into sex but it is very important to me and it’s now gone. I don’t even enjoy masturbation.

I am absolutely devastated just don’t know what to do anymore. I have completely lost myself. That’s not even including the joint pain, back pain and lose skin.

OP posts:
BuffaloCauliflower · 05/12/2020 11:53

I’m sorry 💐 are you doing pelvic floor exercises? If you’re not feeling orgasms it’s likely weakened muscles

BlenheimOrange · 05/12/2020 11:53

How’s your pelvic floor? Do you do the exercises every day?

Cinderella25 · 05/12/2020 12:00

I did them for a year and didn’t notice any difference. I went to a doctor who snorted (laugh) at me and said ‘well what do you expect you’ve had a baby, you will never go back, you will never tighten up, you will have a weak loose vagina for the rest of your life’ ‘she said there was nothing wrong with me because I didn’t have a prolapse and didn’t wet myself’ and ‘everybody you have know has lied to you’

I doesn’t help I know about 15 people with children and only about 3 of the have given birth vaginally so they don’t really have any problems. Makes me wish I had a c section.

OP posts:
VioletSunset · 05/12/2020 12:04

I have sent you a DM

BlenheimOrange · 06/12/2020 08:35

That’s abysmal advice from your doctor! If it were me, my first port of call would be a pelvic health physio, because if you can sort this through exercise/therapy that would be great. Either badgering a (different) doctor for a referral or if not then privately if at all possible.

I spent a bunch of time with them after DS was born (different causes from you) and once I was ‘in the system’ I found they were a great sex-positive team. Very different from even sympathetic GP.

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