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What did you take your stuff in to hospital for an op?

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Takethewinefromtheswine · 08/11/2020 11:33

Not been in hospital since I had dd and then I took ALL THE STUFF. Don't think I will need masses but dressing gown will take up lots of space and dont know how much I will have. Is there secure space for my phone and keys? And after, how do you pack your bag to go home if you can't bend?!

OP posts:
throwaway10000 · 08/11/2020 11:40

Depends on the surgery surely

I had day surgery and could bend down as normal after? In fact I don’t think I had to bend down at any time, just standing up whilst packing my things up was fine.

I bought a thin dressing gown, slippers, pads and underwear in a small backpack. I also had surplus fun stuff like my skincare products, phone charger, AirPods etc.

Can’t remember what happened with my phone/keys. I believe there’s a secure safe next to your bed but I can’t remember if I had the keys to the safe on my person or if the nurses did.

Didntgetmydiamondring · 08/11/2020 11:51

There are bedside cabinets that have storage for larger items and a little lockable (if the key works-mine didn’t) top bit. They do say don’t take valuables so they can’t be held responsible for anything that goes missing but my iPad and iPhone were fine even though mine didn’t lock. It takes a special level of lowness to rummage through someone’s hospital locker, but I’m sure it happens.

I took my stuff in a small hold-all. The stuff I wanted to hand that I use a lot (lip balm, tissues, mints, earplugs) I popped in a tie handle food bag so it was easy to lift out rather than twist and rummage for each item after my op -hysterectomy.

I had no problem packing, just sat on the bed and lowered it as low as it would go and just did it one item at a time. They should keep pain relief topped up enough so that you should be able to manage. Tbh I’d had so little sleep I just wanted to get out of there and back to my quiet bedroom, I couldn’t wait to get my stuff packed!

I hope all goes well and you have a speedy recovery Flowers

Takethewinefromtheswine · 08/11/2020 11:58

Thank you, helpful re knowing important things should be ok. Diamond saw that tip re little bags with handles on another thread - am also having a hysterectomy, so mindful that shouldn't exert self too much, thank you for the reminder to get some.
Bit nervous about over packing then not being able to get it to a taxi!

OP posts:
stevalnamechanger · 08/11/2020 12:03

Not sure if you're already on it but is incredible useful

Takethewinefromtheswine · 08/11/2020 12:05

Yes, thank you, saw that recommended on the hysterectomy thread on here. Couple of weeks to go, so trying to get everything organised!

OP posts:
emmathedilemma · 09/11/2020 09:45

If you're likely to be in a shared ward then i'd take a soft sided back as you'll probably need to stuff it into the bedside locker and they aren't huge - think nothing bigger than airline handluggage size! I had a private room and took my carry-on sized suitcase but that room had plenty of space to leave it at the side of the locker (from memory i think it had a wardrobe type space too) whereas on the shared ward there would have been less space.
Take ear plugs and one of those sleep eye masks if you're going to be on a shared ward and value your sleep!

Toddlerteaplease · 09/11/2020 09:57

Take it in a weekend size suitcase. Loads of bags causes clutter.

Takethewinefromtheswine · 09/11/2020 10:31

Thank you. Yes, clutter is what I want to avoid, though as have to get myself home from hospital by taxi, I suspect I won't manage anything too heavy - my suitcase is wheeled so may be easier than a bag.
Emma - I'm the one who will disturb everyone else, maybe I should take earplugs to hand out to drown out my snoring...!

OP posts:
Bells3032 · 09/11/2020 10:36

Deff recommend getting a long charging wire for your phone as the plugs are never in a convenient place

Takethewinefromtheswine · 09/11/2020 11:44

Great idea, thank you, shall add it to my shopping list.

OP posts:
emmathedilemma · 09/11/2020 13:56

It wasn't snoring that kept me awake it was staff coming and going to other patients, could hear the nurses at their station in the corridor, lights going on and off, they came to do ward round obs at 6am then left all the lights on and breakfast wasn't served til 8! It's the least restful place I've ever had the displeasure of spending 2 nights!

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