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Mid cycle bleeding private Gyno

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rosesandcream · 29/09/2020 07:03

Hi ladies, would like to pick some brains on the problem.

I am 41 yo, 3 pregnancies, last one 2 years ago ( still breastfeeding).

I had big midcycle bleeding last month which is never happened before. However, after giving birth to the 3rd one my periods came back just after 2 months and I started spotting every other month which GPs several times just brushed off as ovulation(smear was done but its the new way only to check for HPV). Fast forward 2 years, I got on day 8 of my cycle a large bleed for over a week). Went to GP who ordered lots of bloods and usual day 16 and day 3 etc. Ultrasound requests also sent to the hospital but with the current situation with COVID restrictions have not heard anything yet.

Anyway, I decided with all the delays to go private. Went to private Gyno yesterday and was left a bit buffled. he did internal exam saying all looks good and would do further investigation like Ultrasound, hysteroscopy with possible biopsy, and if all good will insert coil.

He did not mention to do bloods, nor wanted to see results I had, no how long my cycle, or when was last pregnancy or maybe I am still breatsfeeding etc etc etc.
I was concerned with my day3 FSH which 3 years ago was 11 and 13, year now came back as 6.8. I know great number but does not make any sense in my situatioas I am older and it was already higher 3 years ago, He said its normal and all good numbers. I asked if its possible menapuse as mym was early, my gran was early too, so I must be early as its genetic from what I understand. He said no necessarily and it does not look this way.
My day 16 numbers with thyroid, and othe whole list of result sthat GP requested did not not even been looked at.
He said the bleed could be caused by 4 things:
ovaries (thats why ordering ultrasound)
and a possible scar thinning after c-sections which create a pocket that holds the cycle blood and then later drains

thats it.

I felt like there is luck of questions from him to understand the reason for my bleeds and it was me who was trying to give extra info but he was not interested. (sounds strange I but thought all those numbers GP was requesting and asking about my cycle before are all relevant and required for making diagnosis) Ah, and he said if all is fine he will insert coil for me, wihtout even asking me if I would like it, was kind of strange. I would not want it personally.

All this left me wondering if I should go to a different consultant instead.
Sorry for the long post, I am lost for what to do.

OP posts:
Literallyfedup · 29/09/2020 10:39

Both your GP and Gynaecologist are right. GP look at initial issues like hormonal and thyroid imbalances through blood work and consultants go for laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. Your feeling of dissatisfaction arises from the fact that you went private. Normally when gp' suggest a referral themselves they mean is that they don't see anything in bloodworks which they can correct by medication. Since you went private in between a GP consultation , your GP was never able to assess you on basis of blood work or tell you that nothing could be done.
But it does not mean your consultant is wrong either. I have never met a consultant who looks at gp' report unless a GP has made a referral based on the reports.
Your consultant is on the right track and hysteroscopy can provide answers you are looking for. As for mirena - it is good if you have heavy periods but it is not much help if spotting is your only issue.

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