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Endometriosis & periods - does this sound like it?

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sarahjsdddd · 25/09/2020 21:54

Hello all,
In the past month it's just clicked that I might have Endometriosis, I've had symptoms since February when my period returned after breastfeeding and then a miscarriage. Before pregnancy I had been on the pill for 15 years so either I've developed it (?) or the pill was masking symptoms
I have heavy periods, lots of clots (sorry tmi) almost looks like tissue rather than clots, fatigue, period pain in my whole abdomen and up to my kidneys, bad cramps and chest pain before my period. Hormonal headaches, extreme bloating during ovulation (like 30 weeks pregnant bloating), strong ovulation pain, sweating. I'm actually due to have a laprascopy soon as I have a solid mass near my Fallopian tube (had cancer bloods that came back clear) my gynaecologist did mention about a possible endometrioma so I guess will find out then. But I'm having my period now and it's made me think, I just wanted to know other peoples experiences and it that sounds similar? It's the tissue/clots that is worrying me :(

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delilahbucket · 25/09/2020 22:10

Certainly very similar to me. I have gone on a low dose pill and it has made a huge difference. I found no support from my gp for endo, they refused to investigate and just gave me naproxen. We were trying to conceive at the time so I couldn't go on the pill but we aren't anymore.

Afternooninthepark · 27/09/2020 11:33

My sister was diagnosed with endometriosis a couple of years back, they actually thought she had ovarian cancer as the scan showed up a mass on her ovary but when they opened her up they discovered it was endometriosis.
She did suffer with a lot of pelvic pain during her periods and ovulation and sometimes other times.
I am starting to think I have endometriosis too. My gynaecologist wants to do a laparoscopy.

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