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itching vulva

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Nursew · 20/09/2020 17:17

hi everyone one, I'm in desperate need of some help.

I had laser hair removal to the bikini line area back in feb. Around March / April time I started with itching around the vulval area only and not inside the vagina. I tried coconut oil, vasaline, ice packs e45 itch cream and the when to the doctors after coping for 4 months. I've since been washing with aveeno, tried 1% hydrocortisone, was prescribed antibiotics (TBH only managed 2 days worth) few days of fucibet steroid cream. 6 months on from it starting I've been prescribed and emollient (zerobase) and Dermovate to apply twice a week for 14 days. However I'm 6 weeks pregnant which the GP knew on prescribing the dermovate.

Everywhere online says not to use it ad it can cause birth defects. I'm at a total loss as to if I should use it as I've seriously cosidered cutting my when Im crying from it. I don't sleep now with it either. 3 GPs have looked at the area and said it all looks fine!!
Any advice please especially RE the use of dermovate


OP posts:
lavenderlilaclily · 27/07/2021 17:53

Hi OP, sorry to revive an old threat, but was just wondering how you got on with this? I'm having a very similar problem!! Including the dermovate prescription which I'm in two minds about using! So was wondering how it all went for you.

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