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Bacterial Vagenosis?!

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OliviaGrace1x · 06/09/2020 13:43

Hey all! Embarrassing and personal but here goes...

I'm a clean freak. I have OCD. (Get ready for too much information, apologies!)

So I've spoken to an online doctor and it's definitely BV. So he's sending me some antibiotics. Metronidazole - you either do 400mg 7 day course or 400mg as a one day course. Obviously want to get rid of it ASAP so I chose the one day course.

Completely my fault, I douche everyday. I feel dirty after my and my partner have sex as it smells slightly... obviously I've now made it worse with the douching! But just wondered if anyone had any tips for future reference?

Or if anyone had taken those antibiotics before? I'm abit nervous as it's a one day course and I hope I don't get sick or anything!

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