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Heavy & prolonged bleeding

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CoxwellHuge · 27/08/2020 10:04

I'm probably approaching the menopause but I've had a period which has so far lasted 10.5 weeks, at times it can be quite heavy with the occasional clot, other times it's quite light.

I've had an internal ultrasound where she could see something but couldn't make out what is was because of the amount of blood, she has queried whether it is a polyp.

From the scan I have been fast-track referred to gynaecology so should have an appointment within a couple of weeks.

However last night from about 10.30 it got so heavy I could literally feel it flowing out of me, this went on for about 7 hours with me having to change the pad between every 20-60 minutes. I was also passing quite big clots and must have passed around a dozen over the 7 hours of really heavy flow.

I was prescribed Tranexamic acid which I started taking last night and the flow has slowed substantially now, with no clots passed since around 5am.

I've tried ringing my GP but the wait is horrendous and I doubt if I'd be able to get a phone appointment today now.

Do I need to be worried? I'm assuming there's nothing else the GP can do even if I do get to speak to someone and I should have an appointment to see a gynaecologist within the next week and a half. But the amount of blood I lost and the number of clots has left me feeling really quite freaked out today.

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emmathedilemma · 27/08/2020 13:12

I had a similar experience - had to sit on the toilet the blood and clots were coming out of me so fast. I knew I had fibroids and was also on Tranexamic Acid and had a mirena coil at the time. I rang 111 and they sent me to A&E but they didn't do anything other basic tests (no gynae exam) and said to wait for my upcoming gynae appointment. It was pretty terrifying and I don't want to worry you but I had a couple of smaller bad episodes over the next couple of days so be prepared if you're out and about! I would ring your GP just to get it logged on your record. Also, take it easy today as you'll have lost a lot of blood.

CoxwellHuge · 28/08/2020 11:59

Thanks for the reply, it's nice to have a bit of reassurance from someone who has experienced the same. I've been told I will have my gynae appointment by the 7th Sept at the latest so hopefully will have more idea what's going on then.

OP posts:
Someonesayroadtrip · 08/09/2020 19:01

I'm going through the same. I have been passing huge clots, bleeding sounds similar, very very heavy and prolonged (12 weeks) but prior to that they became irregular and prolonged. Lots of break through bleeding too.

I was referred for an urgent scan but radiology wrote to me and said it wasn't urgent and that I wouldn't be seen due to the pandemic. Now the GP has refereed me under the 2 week referral service but I very much feel it will stopped too. Very frustrating.

Hope you're feeling ok OP. Very frustrating and scary isn't it? Hope you have been seen now.

angelteejay · 12/09/2020 10:30

I stopped taking Cerazette in March after starting HRT. I had three heavy periods then decided to go back on it. That was end of June. I had no bleeding until 31st August evening and I am still bleeding 12 days on. I am worried to death. It started very dark, almost black but is now bright red with clots. It's not heavy but I have to wear pads day and night. I think it must be the pill but my health anxiety has kicked in and I am convinced I have cancer. I have been referred for a scan and it's come through for 23rd September. What could be causing this prolonged bleeding?

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