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17 day period?!

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fashu · 20/08/2020 15:25

Hi All,
Wondering if anyone has ever been through a similar situation or knows what could be going on with me?
I have been ttc after a mmc in march. I don't seem to be ovulation according to OPKs and charting bbt.
I've been having long cycles for a while, but the first 2 cycles after my mc were a normal 28day and 30 day cycle. Since then i've had cycles over 50 days. before I was pregnant my cycle was 70 days!

On 3rd August I started spotting. I thought this could have been implantation bleeding but it hasn't stopped and its just getting heavier. neg pregnancy test
I've been for a blood test which has come back normal so now i'm being sent for an ultrasound.

I am just really concerned as to what this could be, my doctor suggested a medicine (can't remember the name) or wait it out. She said it could be fibroids........

really worried :(

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