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Ollie0123 · 17/08/2020 13:47


So I had my smear last feb which was fine.
Since about March my periods have been really heavy, I’ve been bleeding between periods and had a lot of pelvic pain. I had a phone consultation with GP who referred me for an ultrasound thinking it was endometrosis.

I ended up in hospital a couple of weeks ago because the bleeding was so heavy and I was being sick. I had an internal and swaps taken and the doctor there said she would refer me for a colposcopy. They did the ultrasound there and was clear other than gallstones, which none of the doctors think is causing the pain.
They did a laparoscopy and see that I have adhesions from previous ops but didn’t think they were that bad, ovaries were fine, nothing that could be causing pain and certainly not bleeding.

So I called the colposcopy clinic today to ask how long roughly the appointment would be (I.e weeks or months) she said that the doctor has requested that I be seen by a specific consultant rather than a colposcopy nurse for the colposcopy so it would take slightly longer but is a couple of weeks away.

I’m really worried now. Why would they request a consultant as opposed to a nurse. Has anyone else had this? I know my husband is really worried.

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