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Novasure Ablation Succeess?

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theo12 · 06/08/2020 23:28

Novasure ablation - cheduled end of august. All set as a last resort to end my ridiculously heavy period floods. After trying BC, mirena, tranexamic
I have now read so many online absolute horror stories of failures of people wishing they never did it. Any experiences?!!!!

OP posts:
AttilaTheMeerkat · 07/08/2020 08:45

I tried all of those bar the mirena including seeing the GP (who just sent me for blood tests, received "normal" results and therefore was the end of their involvement); none of those worked. I ended up self referring to the local Nuffield to see a gynae in December because by then I was at my wits end.

Had this surgery earlier this year (this was in my case caused in part by constantly fluctuating levels of progesterone and estrogen; I have endo too and that did not help any) and I have had no problems with bleeding since. I do feel like I've got my life back, the constant bleeding was pulling me down emotionally as well as physically. I had this done quite early in the day and went home that same day.

Good luck with the surgery.

KingOfDogShite · 07/08/2020 08:47

I’m having it done this afternoon 😬. I haven’t really read any horror stories, everything on here was quite positive and the only bad things seem to be people saying it wasn’t successful, or wasn’t as successful as they hoped.

I’m having it done due to years of crippling anaemia.

HairyMaclary · 07/08/2020 08:55

Had it nearly 3 years ago. Life changing. Had tried all the previous treatments like you and also have endometriosis. Now barely have any bleeding every month, literally one day with a panty liner, I’ve lost my mooncup! I no longer take massive amounts of painkillers.

I had it done v late in the day and was sick from the anaesthetic afterwards so I had to stay overnight. Otherwise recovery was good, I had a laparoscopy at the same time for the endo so it took a bit longer to recover from.

EKGEMS · 07/08/2020 11:48

I had a uterine ablation nearly two years ago-I was on a blood thinner for a dvt and i was hemorrhaging during my period. It was under GA and it was the best decision. No more issues. (My periods stopped because of chemical menopause due to breast cancer) Even post-surgery zero pain

theo12 · 07/08/2020 20:44

Thank you, was this a novasure ablation?
good it has solved the problem for you.

OP posts:
Cockodoodledoo · 10/08/2020 14:17

I had Novasure ablation done last week. I did start to get v worried after falling down a few wormholes researching it, and like you it really started to put me off the procedure.

But getting a hysterectomy now isn't an option for me, and neither was continuing to bleed for two weeks every month, with at least a week of flooding and clots so I'm viewing it as a temporary fix for up to 3 years (I'm 40 btw) until I'm in a position or a hysterectomy (my children will be older and lockdowns are over so I can have family help with my recovery).

I'd still love to read the good news stories though, but I think like anything people are more likely to make a complaint when something is bad/ doesn't work and less likely to write something down when it's been a successful procedure (I.e. uneventful).

Cockodoodledoo · 10/08/2020 14:18

^^ position FOR a hysterectomy even

MacavityTheDentistsCat · 10/08/2020 14:35

I had an ablation 12 years ago (not Novasure, I don't think, but done with electric current) and it's one of the best things I have ever done - I haven't had a single day's bleeding since.

I really hope that it works for you all. If successful, it truly makes such a difference to quality of life.

theo12 · 10/08/2020 16:03

Thank you all for your posts. Great to hear success stories. I did indeed fall down a hike of horror stories of failures and extreme pain!!

OP posts:
howsicklyarsekissy · 16/08/2020 23:17

Fantastic experience for me. I had it done after just turning 40. I was having super heavy periods every 3 weeks for 10 days. I haven't had a period in 4 years & I am no longer anaemic. I went in had it done the morning (GA) & was out by teatime. Bled a bit for 10 days 2 weeks & that was it. My friends have had success with it too.

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