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Local anaesthetic?

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Cappucinoextrachocolate · 31/07/2020 21:14

I need a Zoladex injection on the 17th of August. Apart from being terrified of the side effects and becoming menopausal overnight (I am not yet 40), I am dreading the administration, I don't want to have to be brave as I am in enough distress already - I will have pelvic clearance in November and this has come out of the blue. I am not in a good place anyway
However, when I asked for a local, I was told an emphatic "no" by my GP surgery, the only thing they can offer is EMLA cream. My question is, can they legally refuse? Even if I insist and explain the distress this causes me? I know it's just an injection, I don't have a needle phobia, but for some reason I absolutely dread the administration. I have been a "good" and brave patient so many times before, I don't feel able to just get on with it this time. Rationally I know I am silly and this is a really silly thing to worry about, but it's an extra bit of support I am being denied and this makes me very bitter.

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Cappucinoextrachocolate · 02/08/2020 11:32


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CushionsandCandles · 02/08/2020 11:34

Passing doctor

IMO not offering LA routinely for a Zoladex depot is very unkind.


Cappucinoextrachocolate · 02/08/2020 22:52

Thank you for not telling me to get a grip Cushions. How can I practically insist? I was told "no", who else should I speak with? Are they legally entitled to refuse?

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