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Fibroid treatment

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chasegirl · 30/07/2020 14:01

I had a hysteroscopy today and a large fibroid was found too large to take out today.

Suggested treatment was an injection off my gp to put me temporarily into menopause to shrink it then have another hysteroscopy to remove it, or a full hysterectomy including ovaries as I have previously had breast cancer.

I am 49 so menopause is on the horizon anyway but I am not sure what option to choose. I may end up having a hysterectomy if the injection doesn't shrink it.

Has anyone else tried the injections first and it's worked? I would rather not have major surgery if I can help it tbh

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ZaraCarmichaelshighheels · 30/07/2020 14:07

Why do they want to remove it? Is it causing problems? I was told that fibroids shrink when you hit menopause.

chasegirl · 30/07/2020 14:18

Not sure tbh think cos of the size. It's not really caused many issues other than heavy periods. I have 8 weeks to make my mind up and will have a scan soon too.

Will chat with my gp too for advice.

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ZaraCarmichaelshighheels · 30/07/2020 15:05

I had a similar issue found a fibroid which I did not have a clue about, one doctor wanted me to have a hysterectomy and another told me to leave it as it would shrink during menopause, I decided to leave it as it was causing me no issues and I didn’t fancy having a major operation for no particular reason.

gelert5619 · 30/07/2020 15:31

The injections to induce menopause reduces the blood supply to the fibroid and has a temporary effect. Some women have all the symptoms of menopause with it and some women have none. Check out the NHS or BBC health websites. Make a list of questions for your gp, it you're anything like me and forget everything I was going to ask until I'm on the way home!

chasegirl · 30/07/2020 15:36

I was a bit blind sided tbh so didn't ask what would happen if I left it. I guess it would grow til my menopause.

Not sure I fancy a major op if it's nit absolutely necessary

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chasegirl · 30/07/2020 15:39

Thanks gelert will do that. Always forget the right questions to ask.

Really need to know if the injection route is worth trying or what will happen if I leave it. Don't know anyone who has had this problem

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