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Swab of discharge

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lucylu22 · 09/07/2020 18:55

Hi all,

Was looking at advice. After contacting the doctors for reoccurring thrush I've had a reply stating I'll receive a swab to do of Discharge (sorry tmi). My only question is how do I do the swab ? Is it as simple as swabbing the inside?


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Elouera · 09/07/2020 18:56

Surely they will send instructions with the packet. If not, I'd ring them for advice.

mrsbrightside1308 · 09/07/2020 18:59

Hi I had this last year.its basically like a long cotton but, you just gently insert it and do a couple of rotations, then put in the tube they provide.i hope this helps Smile

lucylu22 · 09/07/2020 19:26

Thank you both! I'm thinking it's just the swab and a few rotations, I'll ask them for advice.

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