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itsme · 21/06/2020 20:25

After a week of stomach pain and not eating I went to the out of hours doctor last week, they couldn't find anything immediate so was sent for tests a couple of days later at the hospital. They found a fibroid in the wall of my uterus. For the past week I've still been in pain a bit and for a few months whenever I've needed a wee I've been all of a sudden desperate- like I really can't hold it and at night I go at least 3 times.

I should have been seen to sooner as I had a really horrible period last cycle and I'm kicking myself at how I haven't looked after myself properly.

I'm feeling really anxious about it as I start a new job this coming week and feel embarrassed about going so often in case they think I'm a slacker.

I don't know how big it is but I have to be referred via my GP to see gynae.

Sorry it's long, but I wondered if anyone else has had this.

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SionnachGlic · 22/06/2020 03:33

I was diagnoed with fibroids having attended with my GP for heavy periods. No tummy pain other thsn period pain. I attended with Consultant & it was decided to monitor. Lately I have noticed frequency in using bathroom, in particular at night...I never wd wake to go, like never, and now I do ...see, awake at 3.30 AM. I never made the connection but it must be linked & I think I need a return visit. Good luck with new job, at least you gdtting this sorted now & not having to go to hospital during your first week...

itsme · 22/06/2020 07:15

Thank you for your reply.

Being a woman sucks, I'll get booked in to be seen. I'll come to the decision of treatment if they suggest it when i get referred but the weeing is a big issue and with loos not being available when out is frustrating!

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emmathedilemma · 22/06/2020 13:17

I have/had them. Diagnosed due to very heavy bleeding. Tried all the first lines of attack that the GP can prescribe - tranexamic acid, mirena coil, the pill......none particularly worked so i had them treated using Uterine Artery Embolization which cuts off the blood supply to shrink them. It's early days but seems to be working well as i've had much lighter bleeding since and not getting cramps anything like I was. I've also noticed that the urgent need to wee is less so i think that was affected by the fibroids.

itsme · 22/06/2020 13:42

I'm hoping they don't want me to go back on hormonal contraceptives as they affect my MH and I turn crazy. I had been on them since I was 15 and besides having a 2 year break when I pregnant etc I decided to stop last year.

I am worried about potential fertility issues but I think we will cross that bridge when it comes to it. I'd just like to not be weeing all the time!

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emmathedilemma · 23/06/2020 10:35

yeah i took the pill for only 3 weeks, felt absolutely awful on it and wasn't sure if i could last the 3 months they'd suggested but I had a migraine having never had one before so had to stop taking it. Fertility wasn't really an issue for me as i'm single and in my 40's but if you want more children it will affect your treatment options.

SionnachGlic · 23/06/2020 22:05

I can't help with queries around fertility as it wasn't an issimue for my 40's & done with the babies. I am on the tranexamic acid pills but next step is mirema coil but that is more to treat heavy period. A friend of mine had a D&C to remove fibroids but I think the suitability of that treatment very much depends on other factors too such as size. Look for a referral to a specialist & obviously you will be making sure whatever treatment is recommended will not interfere (will increase) your chances of conception in future. My gynae told me something like 40-50% of women have fibroids & some never even know it because the come & go & never cause a problem. It might be just where yours is located caused you pain & you were just unlucky. Best of luck with the specialist & don't worry too much in the meantime

SionnachGlic · 23/06/2020 22:05

*an issue....I should spellcheck really!

longtompot · 29/06/2020 10:01

I have fibroids and am waiting for a hysteroscopy exam. At my last appointment the consultant said with regards to feeling like you need to wee, as I have that, to do pelvic floor exercises. I have been trying to do them and think I am using the correct muscles but who knows. Not helped much yet.

itsme · 29/06/2020 13:09

@longtombot I had a telephone consultation with my GP and he thinks its urge incontinence and need to do my pelvic floors. But he doesn't think the fibroid is affecting my bladder and has given me something for my heavy periods. So just seeing how it goes for now.

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itsme · 29/06/2020 13:10

@longtompot sorry mistyped your user name.

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Squeaky76 · 24/03/2021 06:40

Over a week ago I started bleeding, nothing heavy, but enough. It was constant. I have had a Mirena coil fitted for 13 years. The current 1 for 3 years. I haven't had a period in all that time, spotting here and there but nothing I can call regular.
At first I just thought it was a random thing and ignored it but when it was still going nearly a week later I did some 'googling'. Probably not the brightest thing I could have done as I got myself in a right panic at the mention of various Big C's.
This brought me round to NHS 111 online and after 5 mins after filling out the questions a nurse called back. Super efficient at 5am in a morning. She arranged for me to go to the local A+E. This involved lots of poking inside and out, an ultrasound 3 days later with more poking.
Apparently nothing serious just a fibroid. I've was prescribed blood clotters to stop the bleeding. I have finished the 4 day course but still having very light bleeding. I have also developed a mild ache around my right hip area and slight pain in my lower back. I am assuming it's connected.
I am 44, overweight. The fibroid is 12cm. I was told it's uncommon to have 1 grow this size with having the Mirena coil, especially with the length of time I've had it fitted, and it would have been suggested at this point to have one fitted as they usually help shrink fibroids. The gyno man has basically told me to see if bleeding and pain increase, then go back to my GP to be referred to gyno clinic.
Up to the run up to this I was trying to lose weight and had lost over half a stone in the last month. My energy levels have now dropped but online advice state that weight loss might help the fibroid to decrease in size, but it also isn't helping me do exercise. I am trying to eat a more balanced healthier diet.
The discomfort also isn't helping sitting either. I'm wanting to get out on my bike now the weather shows signs of turning and I have a sit down job. I'm having to have a wander every 30 minutes just to ease it all.
I'm just at loss what to do. When is a fibroid big enough or uncomfortable enough to remove (with the size I do realise this would involve a hysterectomy)? I have 2 kids and want to be out and about with them not in pain or discomfort.

passengers · 24/03/2021 06:55

@Squeaky76. I had a fibroid that measured 15cm....last June I had a ufe (embolisation ) which is where they block the blood supply feeding the fibroid. In my experience they will try to avoid hysterectomy unless all other options have been used up....I don't think it's going to shrink much if you lose weight . don't let them fob you off.,keep pushing for a resolution.

Squeaky76 · 24/03/2021 07:05

@passengers thank you.

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