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Breast lump and lymph node thickening

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EagerBeaverWins · 17/06/2020 22:33

I've had pain behind my nipple and under my arm for a while. Recently found a lump near the site of nipple pain.
I had ultrasound, mammogram and biopsy on the lump. I mentioned the under arm pain during the ultrasound and they spent a long time looking there.
When I saw the consultant afterwards she was reading the report and noted 'xxx thickening of lymph nodes'. I didn’t really hear her. Then her demeanour changed and seemed much less positive.
She said if the results came back as cancerous or pre cancerous they'd need to biopsy the lymph nodes straight away.
But what if the biopsy is clear? Is the lymph node issue still serious? What does it all mean?

OP posts:
BryanFerrysmum · 19/06/2020 18:32

Sorry, I can't offer you any help of advice, but just wanted to send you a hug and some support. I too have found a lump and some thickening in my breast and am awaiting a referral to the breast clinic. I'm sure every other women who has been in this situation will say that it is a truly scary time. I really hope that you get some positive news

897654321abcvrufhfgg · 21/06/2020 21:38

Sending hugs. DevelopEd tender painful breast on Friday evening and have freaked myself out googling. Will be calling doctors office tomorrow

LordOftheRingz · 05/07/2020 16:25

@EagerBeaverWins what was your outcome, going through similar.

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