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What is this on my vulva? Scared... “grit”

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Bumpandus · 19/05/2020 19:02

Hi so I’ve noticed lately a small what can only be described as like a piece of grit. I can see it when I look in the mirror and I can feel it it’s hard but tiny.

What is this? It’s like to the right of my urethra so inside my labia minora. Anyone ever had this?

Iv also notice that around my uretha has dark patches I’d say black colour to the naked eye.

OP posts:
RoLaren · 19/05/2020 19:03

Sounds like a blackhead, have you given it a squeeze? See sporner's corner for inspiration.

FourPlasticRings · 19/05/2020 19:03

No idea, op. I'd get it looked at though, if I were you.

adellaranger · 19/05/2020 19:04

It’s probably an infection

Bumpandus · 19/05/2020 23:39

Can’t be squeezed, it’s pink and annoying more than anything

OP posts:
Haggisfish · 19/05/2020 23:40

It’s probably just a normal little lump or possibly cyst. Go and get it looked at to be sure-sometimes you can get freckles and moles there.

adellaranger · 20/05/2020 01:55

How big is it?

milcmxxx · 21/05/2020 14:31

Just sounds like a little cyst or something, probably nothing to worry about but get it checked out. When I was pregnant I had these weird things all over, I can’t remember what the doc said they were but they were totally harmless and went away as soon as I had my baby x

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