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Helsbells308 · 19/05/2020 18:13

Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone else has been in a similar situation. I had a baby 15 months ago and my periods have yet to return. I breastfed for around three weeks and I am not on any medication, including any contraception. My birth was fine, forceps delivery but rushed down to theatre afterwards as my placenta broke into pieces but nothing too horrifying.

In January my doctor put me on a course of Medroxyprogesterone to force a period. This never came. I’ve had an internal and external ultrasound and blood tests for various hormones and everything has come back as normal.

Due to Covid, my doctor has suggested waiting a few months to see whether it turns up and if I’ve not had anything by July, he will refer me to a specialist.

I’m happy with this approach but I’m conscious I don’t want to turn up the that appointment and essentially waste another few months because they want me to track something like temperature for a few months. I could do that now whilst I have to wait for the appointment and turn up prepared. Has anyone been in the same situation? Any thoughts on what’s going on?! We’d like to start trying for another baby ideally at the beginning of next year so I’m starting to worry as time passes that something unfixable is going on. My periods have always been like clock work before, literally to the hour so I’m a bit bemused. I’m 35 (just!) if that helps...


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Literallyfedup · 22/05/2020 08:51

Look for "Ashermans Syndrome" on internet. I am not saying you have it but it could cause similar issues. It won't show on ultrasound and needs hysteroscopy to confirm.

Helsbells308 · 22/05/2020 17:19

Thank you, I’ll have a look x

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