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Lockdown periods

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Stella8686 · 22/04/2020 21:31

Had anyone else started having more conversations with their kids (or partner) about their periods?

I must have had one 4 weeks ago but can't remember it.

On my period now and have had to talk to my 7 year old about it as it's only me and her I'm the house. I have mentioned them before but just said it's something when your older.

Kids and privacy! Mum whys there red on your toilet paper etc?

I literally want to snap at her every 5 minutes today for no other reason than she is grating on me (period hormones, irritable) and I WANT TO BE ALONE!!!!!!!! 😩

Stomach cramps, headache and irritable

Btw: I am typing this in the bath, she is standing behind me reading me a story (bless her) while I do 'the voice' of her doll/ sister who has to reply!

Yes she should be asleep already but we never managed to adjust after clock change and lockdown bed later wakes up later 10pm-8am 🙈

Sorry rambling now!

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HappyBirthdayQueenieMarm · 23/04/2020 08:12

My daughter was like that at 7.
Best thing is snuggling and watching a film together or audiobook and nap time. I also said to her sometimes i need quiet time and made her a box of activities, crafts and
Dvds. Snacks easily accessible for her and a water bottle. I also talked to her about interrupting quiet time for emergencies..i gave her a pen and paper to note anything she wants to tell me about later thats not urgent. I also told her whats happening on the day and had something planned for us after i emerge from quiet time.

I told her about periods i said when you reach puberty the body gets ready to carry a baby every month and when this does not happen the little home prepared for the baby comes out in period. I said to her that i get cramps and feel tired but it doesnt hurt, im ok and its a normal thing and that its the cycle of life..i would also change the subject if im not ready or sure how to answer something.

Id previously said mummy has an egg and dad has a seed and if they dont meet and make a baby, periods happen.

I know its cheesey but its normal for them to ask so tell them at age approrpiate language.

I also have extra alone time in the morning by waking up early.

Stella8686 · 23/04/2020 22:22

Thanks @HappyBirthdayQueenieMarm
We have talked about it briefly before but I obviously try to keep it vague. Or keep it around female biology without getting into male genitalia discussion. It's worse at the moment as there is no distraction for either of us. Normal life usually gives a bit of distraction from the pain and her questions

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