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Breast pain, Shoulder blade pain and lumps can't stop worrying about breast cancer. Help

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Petrajayne26 · 18/04/2020 19:30

I am 30 years old. After my last period ended I been getting pain in my right breast. I could feel something under my nipple on my breast bone, it feels like a long movable lump not round it hurts if I touch or press on it. I phoned my GP they arranged for a breast screening referral.I had a call to attend the screening however I had to cancel because of having common cold symptoms and now coronavirus is very bad in the area where the nearest hospital is for breast screening I want to rearrange my referral but am scared to go to the hospital for screening because of coronavirus also the hospital is very far from my home and would have to get a bus and I can't get anyone to look after my son. My husband is a key worker and is the only one working at where he works. I am also worried if I do go I could catch coronavirus and bring it back to my 2 year old son and my husband. Breast pain isn't as bad as what it has been but now been having terrible shoulder blade pain through out last week and this week It did dissapear 2 days ago but came back again yesterday. The pain is not as bad if I go for a walk, sit in the bath or lie down. It feels bad when I am sitting or standing but I am wondering if my pains and lumps are to do with my hormones as I just finished another period. I stopped taking birth control about 10 months ago to try for another baby which has not been going well I was diagnosed with colieac disease, I possibly had a chemical pregnancy 2 months ago and my periods are irregular and I keep testing negative for ovulation. I also have a lymph node under my right armpit I went to the doctors about it over a year a go and blood tests for lymphoma came back normal. Lymph node has stayed the same size and it often hurts if I press on it or it hurts if I have a period. Advice please. I am very anxious about these pains and lumps my health anxiety makes the pains even worse but I am too scared to go for a screening because of coronavirus. I can't stop thinking of if I could have breast cancer.

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iemma321q · 31/05/2020 21:32

I have only just seen this post and wondered how you are doing?

Petrajayne26 · 01/06/2020 07:39

@iemma321q I am doing fine now. Thanks for asking. Not had breast pain for a while. The Doctors said to call them back anytime when I am ready to rearrange the referral which I will do as I can still feel something when I touch my breastbone. I can only feel it if i am lying down and it still hurts if it's pressed on.

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Flamingolingo · 01/06/2020 07:46

I think you probably do need to be checked at the breast clinic if you can feel something. However, I have a family history, and am a regular at the breast clinic, and one thing the consultant has said to me in the past is that pain is not normally or necessarily a symptom of breast cancer, many cancers are painless. I have a lump a bit like yours, I’ve had it checked twice now and it must be hormonal because it changes shape and size, and becomes painful over time then relaxes again (not sure if with my cycle because I have a coil). Please don’t just leave it though, do go and get it checked out!

Petrajayne26 · 21/07/2020 14:43

Update I went for a breast screening and they said it's normal lumpy breast tissue and I have a protruding rib. No cancer. Smile

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AngelaScandal · 21/07/2020 15:00

That’s great news!

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