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Colposcopy Results

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HailHydra · 16/04/2020 21:40

I had a bad smear, positive hpv and low grade cell changes with low grade dyskaryosis.
Had the colposcopy and my doctor thought it would be nothing but took several biopsies just in case. But assumed there was some chronic dyskaryosis.
After 4 weeks I got a letter saying the biopsy was a severe mismatch to the smear, so would be being discussed in an mdt.
Today. "your biopsy shows high grade changes with p16 positivity".
We will see you shortly in clinic.

I am lost. Anyone able to help, in particular with the p16

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BelaLug0si · 16/04/2020 22:00

What do you want to know more about?
Is there a phone number to call on the letter, to ask them for more information - it might be helpful to write down what you'd like clarification on.
P16 is an additional test done on biopsies to help assess whether the changes present are due to abnormalities or inflammation.

HailHydra · 16/04/2020 22:09

There isn't any number, just a decision from the mdt and to be seeing me again in the loop excision clinic. Which honestly, makes me happier than cone biopsy.

I'm just fed up of my husband, literally the only person I see currently, who is profundly good natured.

I'm not sure why I posted. Just a little off the brain I guess

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Bex4567 · 02/01/2023 14:07

How did you get on

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