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Any ideas?

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Rebecca3127 · 11/04/2020 01:23

guys. I'm really struggling and on the off chance wondering if anyone recognises these symptoms.
I had a misscariage in December and only stopped bleeding 2 weeks ago, apart from some light spotting. I have had period type lower back and pelvic pain since the misscariage, this hasnt let up in 4 months.
Over the past few weeks I have had an increase of episodes of something I have suffered from since the age of about 15 so around 17 years, usually a few times a week I get a severe pain mainly right sided lower to mid back , it's like a burning pain that lasts 1 to 3 minutes then goes, the only way I can control the pain is by not moving at all. Over the last few weeks these have increased to 3 to 4 times a day, still lasting minutes. I am completely confused , has anyone experienced anything like this before? Thanks

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Geppili · 11/04/2020 06:03


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