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Length of time for cervical screening results?

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Jsh125 · 07/03/2020 18:16


I had my cervical screening test over 3 weeks ago. Nurse said results would take 2 weeks but nothing so far.

I've had a history of abnormal smears & been on annual recall for a few years so always get a bit nervous until I get the results!.

Anyone got an recent experience of how long results take?

Now they test for hpv first, then abnormal cells if positive does this mean an abnormal test can take a bit longer to come back since it has to be tested twice or do they check cells there & then if positive?

Know only the results will tell me for sure bit trying to see if a longer than expected wait is more often down to normal or abnormal results. Smile

OP posts:
tribpot · 07/03/2020 18:39

I got mine within seven working days over Christmas but much longer delays seem quite common depending on where you are. I was told to call if I hadn't had them within three weeks, I think - and that's also what it says on the Jo's Trust website and on NHS.UK.

I don't think you can deduce much from the length of delay so far. Fingers crossed your results are back soon and are normal.

Jen306 · 07/03/2020 19:10

When I had mine 18months ago ish I was told by the nurse 2-3 weeks didn’t hear anything and so rang the surgery and was told that at the time 6-8 weeks was the norm so to ring back if didn’t have them by then - i think I got them around 6 weeks.

I’d had abnormal and treatment in the past so it unnerved me but all was fine.
I think if the nurse had said 6-8 weeks wouldn’t have worried (still a long time) but them saying 2-3 it set my expectations.

catnidge · 07/03/2020 19:43

My severely abnormal one was back in 5 days!

Jsh125 · 09/03/2020 12:39

Thanks everyone, really appreciate the replies.

Still nothing, will give my GP a ring if nothing by the end of the week Smile

OP posts:
Eropsawlkasd23455 · 09/03/2020 12:43

I got mine back within a week, which when I saw the letter panicked me hugely as the nurse said that it would be 2/3 weeks.
I’ve a history of Lletz, CIN3 cells removed and Hpv.
My results were HPV negative- what annoyed me though was that because of this they actually tested the cells.
I think it’s stupid they don’t but the letter said the chances of having CIN/ cancerous cells are low if HPV neg

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