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Low grade dyskaryosis and HPV. Experiences?

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Ginbunny1212 · 20/02/2020 13:35

Hello I have just had the results of my smear with the above diagnosis. They have booked me in for a colposcopy in 2 weeks. Read about it and seems ok diagnosis and glad something is getting done.

I am in a complicated situation with my ex, broke up and now talking again, seeing where things can go. He stayed last night and got the call this morning.

At my smear, the nurse explained the HPV tests and did say that it’s really common and if positive, not worth mentioning to my partner, as most people will get it and it clears itself. Not necessarily got it from him as it can lie dormant. My last smear 5 years ago was clear - but had a few partners since recent guy.

2 questions really.

  1. Has anyone experienced this diagnosis. If so what’s your experience
  1. Should I tell ex. Don’t want to start again in a lie, but then this is something he can’t be tested for and will go away.
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