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Sore down there

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Jellycat777 · 14/02/2020 22:32

I'm 30 and never had problems down there since I had my child year ago.
But on and off since I keep getting what I thought was thrush, but it would often clear up on its own.

This time, I'm red, swollen, itchy, burning and sore around vulva/labia.. Noticed a red bump too.
I do get smelly sometimes, it's an odd smell, not fishy though.

So a quick Google now tells me I've probably got vulva cancer...!
Or bacterial vaginosis.
(and that's why you shouldn't Google symptoms).

A trip to docs next week or pick something up from pharmacy to see if that works first?
Worried now.

OP posts:
Itsagrandoldteam · 14/02/2020 22:48

Try Lamisil Cream - it's for athletes foot and jock itch. It might sting a bit at first but it really does work. Sainsburys and Boots sell it.
If that doesn't work you will need to see your GP.

gamerchick · 14/02/2020 22:49

There's a test OTC that tells you whether you have thrush or BV. Start there. In the meantime, stick your washer on an extra rinse.

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