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What do you think this is?

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angell84 · 12/02/2020 00:47

I am currently on holiday in the States, and have been wearing small dresses - relevant because my figure is more noticable, and people have been commenting.

Numerous people have been convinced that I am pregnant. My stomach is really swollen. I am not pregnant but my stomach (it has been swollen a bit before) is really swollen now, it looks abnormal. I am really worried that something serious is wrong. Also lately - I have been having the most terrible periods of my life. Agony. I am definitely not pregnant.

I have been to my doctor's before with stomach pain - and they have been so slow - checking for different things extremely slowly - like sending me for a colon check six months later in case I have IBS. I didn't.

I really look very pregnant and my periods are agony. I am very worried. I know if I go back to the doctor they won't take it seriously. So I am going to go private and pay for an ultrasound. See what is going on. What do you think it could be? I am 35, never given birth, and I am absolutely not pregnant

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angell84 · 12/02/2020 00:48

I wonder if it is a massive cyst. I have heard stories about them before.

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AttilaTheMeerkat · 12/02/2020 08:37

When do you return from holiday?

You really need to see a gynaecologist for such issues and asap; these types of problems are well outside a GPs remit.

Has anyone ever mentioned endometriosis as a possible cause for your bloated stomach and your very painful periods?. This is indeed a common cause of such pain.

novacaneforthepain · 12/02/2020 08:39

Allergies or intolerances can bloat you massively

INeedToGetHealthy · 12/02/2020 08:39

I would second a PPs comment about getting a gynaecology referral. You may have endometriosis or fibroids if your periods have been really heavy and painful.

GreyishDays · 12/02/2020 08:39

Are you eating differently to at home? Do you get more bloated as the day goes on?
If yes then I’d be thinking it’s something digestive. (Doesn’t explain the painful periods though.)

How long are you on holiday for?
Actually on the eating subject, how is your appetite, are you able to eat a full meal ok?

Elouera · 12/02/2020 08:44

When do you get home? Have you recently changed contraception? Are you eating different foods in the USA? Are the painful periods a new symptom or always been there? Have you ever had a scan done? Could be any number of things really! Endometriosis, coeliacs, fibroids, cyst etc etc. Could you see a different GP at the same practice and ask for a gynae referral?

PrincessButtockUp · 12/02/2020 09:01

I know someone who had an ovarian cyst with these symptoms and things were greatly improved after its removal. Be persistent with your GP when you get home.

emmathedilemma · 12/02/2020 11:55

Please go and see a dr as soon as you get back or can arrange something. I don’t want to panic you but these symptoms tick a number of boxes for ovarian cancer, but also cysts, endo etc.

Butterfly98 · 12/02/2020 19:22

@angel84 your swollen abdomen almost certainly sounds gynae related being as you already have period issues. Your GP needs to refer you ASAP to have a pelvic scan done to see what's going on. Also, it would be wise to ask to have a CA125 blood test done but this will probably be done anyway as part of your investigations. You may have an ovarian cyst which can grow very large. Is your abdomen more swollen on one side or generally all over? Does it feel firm or sound hollow when you tap it? Does it stay swollen everyday and all day long or go down overnight for example? How long has been like that? Have you lost weight recently? It's important to know the answer to these questions when you see a consultant.

angell84 · 13/02/2020 23:55

Here is a photo. I would say that it has been swollen for about a year, enough for me to complain about never having a flat stomach.

But lately, it is bigger than it ever was. I will go to the doctor when I get back.

What do you think this is?
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