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PGP/SPD after birth

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amazedmummy · 11/02/2020 12:37

Afternoon. I was wondering if any other mums could share how long after birth they felt "normal". I had bad PGP throughout most of my pregnancy. It started at 10 weeks and by the time I had DS I was more or less housebound. DS is now 12 weeks and I'm still not 100%. Don't get me wrong it's miles better than it was but I'm starting to worry it'll never go. Should I be looking for help? Could anyone help? Should I just keep doing as much exercise as I can manage and waiting?

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doadeer · 11/02/2020 12:48

Oh I'm 12 months on and still having problems. It didImprove a lot after the birth. I had to c section and the pain of that was not as bad as the pelvic pain I'd been having. After birth, I thought it was a lot better. It was only after a few months that I realised I wasn't going back to pre pregnancy state and I was getting lots of pain through my back, bum and thigh region.

I've spent a fortune on physio and osteopath so I've been given lots of exercises by the physio but I'm not going to lie it's a challenge to do them every day with the baby and I'm probably not giving it the priority I should osteopath has helped by doing some hands-on manipulation to try and realign my pelvis, but all in all it's a slow burn.

Prepregnancy I did yoga every day my family run a yoga studio and I was quite a fitness fanatic I'm still not back at Yoga I just can't because the flexibility work would be too painful and I definitely couldn't do balances or anything on one leg. The physio told me that Pilates is good because it's a lot about strengthening the muscles around the pelvis to try and have a better hold.

I did feel a slight improvement when I stopped breastfeeding a couple weeks ago apparently the hormones that you produce when you're breastfeeding can can prolong the pelvic pain

Sorry for rambling on but it's really been a horrible year and a half. I'm trying to think there is light at the end of the tunnel I suppose my advice would be don't put off getting help and go and see a women's health specialist physio and figure out what is going on and then really prioritise making time for the exercises

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