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Spotting, pelvic pain, painful periods. Any ideas?

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HGranger · 08/02/2020 21:07

So I've always had odd periods, but currently they are awful and I'm wondering what it is. I have a dr. Appointment booked for a couple of weeks time.

I'm not on any contraceptives. My periods generally last 7 days, but that doesn't take into account the days of spotting beforehand. This can sometimes be one or two days, but sometimes up to a week before a proper period actually arrives.

I often get pains around the period of ovulation, and in recent months have occasionally had a morning of excruciating pain a couple of days BEFORE a period. And also a low level ache around my perineum. The I obviously have pains during my period.

Any one experience the same thing?

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AttilaTheMeerkat · 08/02/2020 21:33

Hopefully your doctor will refer you to a gynaecologist; such problems are often outside a GPS general remit of being able to assist. The cause needs to be determined as well as treating the symptoms. If you are not referred at this time I would be asking the GP why that is. Do not merely accept being sent away for blood tests and or internal ultrasounds scans (neither will detect endometriosis if it is there).

I would also suggest you keep a pain and symptom diary as this could be helpful in giving the gynae clues.

Endometriosis may well be one possible cause of your symptoms here; any symptoms that are cyclical in nature and or get worse up to and including menses should be checked out by a gynae. You will need to be persistent in order to get answers.

HGranger · 08/02/2020 22:09

Thanks @attilathemeerkat. Great advice as usual!

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