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Mri for pelvic organ prolapse

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Carrotsnpeas · 26/01/2020 13:37

Hello everyone

Has anybody had an mri to assess pelvic floor/pelvic organ prolapse in the UK?

I've been having a lot of issues with pop and the gynaecologist is suggesting an operation under GA to assess pelvic organs.

I'm keen to avoid surgery and have found journal articles about using mri as a good tool for diagnosing the situation of pop if there are multiple prolapses.

Sadly I cannot find any info online about this except from USA where it seems common practice. My next gynae appt isn't till end of March and there isn't any way to speak with a gynaecologist until then so am hoping a shout out would help!

Many thx in advance and happy Sunday!

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Milknosugar81 · 04/02/2020 17:24

I had a friend who went private for her gynae issues and the first thing they did was give her an mri. I’ve been battling with mine issues for ten years, had two ops and still have problems. Today I paid for a private mri - £542. I don’t know yet what it will show but I will tell you if it was worth it. X

Carrotsnpeas · 04/02/2020 21:00

Sorry to hear of your troubles Milknosugar81, it is rubbish to live with gynae issues and must be difficult that you've got problems aftr the ops. Is the mri to help with next steps for treatment? This is what I'm hoping. That is brilliant to hear your pal was offered mri straightaway! Where are you located as I'm in Scotland and it seems unheard of here to have mri for pelvic organ assessment? Thanks so much for sharing and also good luck with your results!


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